Hello There

My name’s Eric and I like to write – just not about myself, so I’ll keep this short.

You’ve found my blog. I try to write posts regularly or as I think of them. Primarily, I like to write about pop culture and ways truths are tucked away within tv, movies, music and books.

Then there are the times that I’ll opt to write thoughts about something random I’ve learned or stumbled upon while online. After all, they say “sharing is caring.”

By day I work in communications, specifically web development and information technology. At night, I like to drink coffee, hang out with friends, read, watch tv, and other stuff normal people do. (That’s not to say I’m “normal,” mind you.)

If you like what I have to say or have any comments, feel free to find me on Facebook, Twitter, PSN (airic82), or if you prefer, shoot me an email.

Oh! Before I go… opinions here are my own. You can take them of leave them. I’m always to open todiscussing what I’ve written, so be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments or contact me.