This post contains spoilers for Power Rangers (2017)

“A bull has only one udder, and it’s not an udder!”

– Jason Scott

It’s Morphing Time

Wow. I had such low hopes for this film. I grew up in on the cusp of the original MMPR’s target audience, but I remember watching the first season every morning before school with my sister. We were hooked. This film takes that campy American/Japanese mash up and creates a franchise that’s worth investing in.


  1. The characterization of Billy is awesome and amazing, not something you usually see in a superhero film.
  2. It interestingly acknowledged its genre-film brethren like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Transformers.
  3. The added back story of Zordon and his first plan to stop Rita was interesting and helped cultivate the relationship between him and Jason.
  4. I really wanted to hear the role call when they finally morphed.
  5. I wish we really saw the assembly of the Megazord.
  6. Why does gold revitalizes Rita?
  7. Where was the “Putties… Attack!” line?
  8. I’m glad they didn’t end Rita’s story here. The villain paired with the origin story usually gets underdeveloped, so this allows the character to return with more to do next time.
  9. I enjoyed the tie in and reimagining of the Zeo crystal.
  10. How much money Krispy Kreme paid to probably out bid Dunkin and Starbucks is beyond me, but it created an enjoyable on going gag.
  11. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this incarnation of Alpha 5, but it fit well with the tone of the movie.
  12. Who is the intended audience of this movie? The language and some of the humor definitely define it as PG-13, but aren’t most Power Rangers fans under 10?
  13. There could have been more time with the Rangers finally morphed before they called the Zords.
  14. Why was Zordon surprisingly silent during the entire final battle?
  15. The Go Go Power Rangers theme could have actually been woven into the score more, which I liked overall.
  16. The theme of coming together and being a team is appropriate and carried well throughout.
I enjoy Brian Tyler’s new theme, though I wish it incorporated the original theme more

Random Thought

  • Second time this week. This film is PG-13. It has languages and scenarios not fit for a five-year-old. Please, please, please do your research before deciding if you should show a film to your kids. The internet makes this process easier than ever before. Use the tools at your disposal!

Wrap Up

As I said, I didn’t have high expectations, but when I started to hear fans say they enjoyed this film, I wanted to check it out. So I went and I wasn’t disappointed. Sure, there are some things I wish it did better, but this still is a film for fans to go and see. It’s a film with heart that you won’t expect and a message that’s important in this era of separation.

The Score

3.5 / 5

What did you think of Power Rangers? Do you agree with my thoughts? Did you have a different experience? Share what’s on your mind in the comments below and let’s discuss.

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