This post contains spoilers for Marvel’s Ant-Man

Second chances don’t come around all that often. I suggest you take a really close look at it. This is your chance to earn that look in your daughter’s eyes, to become the hero that she already thinks you are.

– Hank Pym

The father/daughter dynamic is strong in Marvel’s latest film. You have Scott Lang, recently out of prison, trying desparately to find work so he can regain visitation rights to his young daughter. Meanwhile, there’s Hank Pym and his daughter Hope who are odds with each other, despite a common cause, because of some past deception.

As the movie progresses, you come to find that the second chance Scott thought he had was actually orchestrated by Hank. And so the theme begins….

Can Scott redeem himself from his past? Can Hank do the same?

Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym

We all have parts of our past that we wish we could change, wrongs we’ve committed that we wish could be righted, relationships ended that we with we could mend.

If we’re lucky, every once and a while we get that chance to at least apologize and try to start over. It’s never easy and sometimes the damage is too great. Still, when a second chance comes along, I urge you to take it. Don’t let pride or something else get in the way. Life’s too short for that.

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