Let’s try something new…

When you work in Information Technology, you become the instant go-to guy for questions about new hardware and software. People will ask for your opinion or if you’ve ever experienced a similar problem to them.

Such is the life of a geek.

That made me say to myself, “Self, why not publish a one-off article with some tips and tricks?” So here we are.

Let’s begin.

Plus or “Minus?”

The biggest question of this year’s iPhone release is: What size will you get? My choice was simple.

The iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

When it comes to a device that I’m going to always carry around with me, I want the smallest form factor I can get. If Apple had chosen to release an iPhone 6 Minus, which was smaller than the iPhone 6 and more akin to the iPhone 5, I’d buy that one.

Screen Protection

Since I first bought an original iPod Touch, my biggest concern with it’s well being was it’s screen. While, Apple’s screens have proven to be very durable (I know people who can still use them despite the screen being shattered), I want to protect my investment. That’s why I always buy a ZAGG InvisibleShield.

ZAGG’s informational video

InvisibleShields are awesome and add great protection. There are many knock-offs now, but the reason I keep going with their brand is because of their lifetime warranty: “If your InvisibleShield ever gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for as long as you own your device.”


Apple’s Protection Plan

Cell providers will often offer their own form of protection (usually for a monthly fee), but I always go with AppleCare+ for iPhone for a few specific reasons. AppleCare+ is a one time fee of $99. Even if you don’t purchase your phone directly from Apple, you can still visit a store within 60 days to add AppleCare+ to your phone. This extends your 90 day warranty to a full three years and covers almost any potential damage, even accidental damage, though there may be a small fee.

I’ve used it when the power plug went bad. I’ve used it when my home button stopped working. Both times, a quick Genius Bar appointment and Apple hooked me up with a brand new item. They don’t deal in refurbished products, so you’re assured to always have something that’s fully tested and original.


Like I mentioned in how I chose an iPhone 6 over an iPhone 6 Plus, I want as small of a form factor as possible. This extends to a case. I know I want a case to help protect the back from scratching, and from what I read, a case is almost necessary to ensure the iPhone 6 doesn’t slip out of your hands.

Cases like Apple’s iPhone 6 Silicone Case or the Anker Ultra Slim Case are right up my alley: simple and clean.

Apple’s Silicone Case in Black

Finding the right case at launch can be a bit tough as manufactures catch up and get final builds into production and into stores. For cases that are available right now, check out IGN and Mashable.


When it comes to finding the right case, I’m doing something a bit different for my iPhone 6. With the launch of their payment solution, Apple Pay, the days of carrying around multiple cards may be coming to an end. The prospects look bright as vendors look to launch support for Apple Pay, so I’m going to attempt ditching my wallet.

In all honesty, what do I really need to carry with me? I don’t like carrying cash. My loyalty cards can be stored in an app like Keyring, and my insurance cards are all digitized in their respective apps. So that leaves me with my Driver’s License and maybe one or two other cards for stores that won’t support Apple Pay.

Silk Vault Slim for iPhone 6

I knew that there were cases that could help carry cards, so I started looking into the different options before finding Silk Innovation’s Vault Slim Wallet for iPhone 6. It adds the least depth to the phone compared to other cases like it and is about half the price.

This will be the first product I purchase from Silk Innovation’s and, to be honest, I never had heard of them before trying to find an iPhone 6 case, but when I contacted their support team asking about the release date for this case (it won’t be out until next week, unfortunately), they were quick to respond and helpful. Good customer service always seals the deal for me.

Getting the Most for Your Old Device

All that’s left now is one question: What do you do with your old device?

If you know me at all, I love finding a good deal and getting the most for my money, so when it comes to trading in my old phone, I’ve found Gazelle to be the simplest program. They ship you a box; you ship back your phone. They give you an additional additional 5% if you get paid via Amazon Gift Card, and who doesn’t spend money on Amazon? They also give you more if you unlock your phone prior to sending it in, which is an easy process that anyone can follow and they even give you step-by-step instructions based on your carrier.

Perhaps the best part is that they only want the phone. You get to keep any cables and documentation that came with your phone. That easily saves you $20 compared to purchasing an additional charger for yourself.

##Conclusion So that’s it. That’s my best advice for those who’ve purchased a new iPhone this weekend or are planning to.

If you still have questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments. Or, if you have recommendations or advice for others that I may have missed, feel free to put those in the comments as well.

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